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NCSoft admits defeat in the Superhero Market!

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LordXenite said...
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NCSoft is closing Paragon Studios and terminating City of Heroes / Villains.

It seems that this has come as a shock not only to the games' community but also to the developers themselves. If you do some Google searching, you will eventually find articles talking about Nexon and NCSoft performing a merger and offering to acquire an as-yet unknown company, possibly EA or Activision. — http://www.kdbdw.com/bbs/download/161672.pdf?attachmentId=161672

It's entirely possible this is a direct result of PWE acquiring Cryptic and Cryptic having transitioned two titles to the F2P model with a third title using them same game engine (which arguably should cut down their development cycle and funds) coming 2013.

Personally, I think NCSoft (and Nexon) figured out they simply cannot compete in the Superhero arena, while Cryptic is now marching into the High Fantasy with Never Winter Online.

August 31st is a sad day for Superhero fans, MMO fans and Paragon Studios, and come December CoH/V will be no more.

Hopefully, PWE/Cryptic will hire the talent forcibly ejected into the job market before Paragon Studios closes their gates!
City of Heroes

City of Heroes (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 27/APR/04
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The problem with that theory is that City of Heroes is still the top super hero MMO.

What's really going on is that NCSoft is phasing out the American portion of their business and changing their focus back to Korea. Expect a few other of their American titles to also be closed down in the near future.

The reasoning is simple. Their #1 game is made on the cheap, never has any significant updates, barely even has any game mechanics or content, and yet has millions of more players than City of Heroes. Their American titles all spend more money in development (several times more) and the American workers cost a lot more money than Korean workers. They just don't think all that extra expense is paying off.
I don't know... I think N&N are still thinking about the US market...
Of course they are. They just don't want do tevelop in the US when they can make more money selling us silly hats in MapleStory.
Clearly, if CoH/V is the top super hero MMO, either NCSoft doesn't care about Superhero MMO's or it doesn't care about the US market, or CoH/V simply isn't the top Superhero MMO it once may have been and Paragon Studios isn't as beneficial to NCSoft as their other developers are.

Enter ArenaNet with their Guild Wars 2, and it looks like NCSoft simply decided that Paragon Studios and City of Heroes are deadweight and not worthy of investing in anymore.

However... ArenaNet themselves are located in Bellevue, Washington, and are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Korea-based NCsoft Corporation — this is from ArenaNet's own website.

So, clearly NCSoft IS interested in the US market, now perhaps more than ever since there are talks of Nexon and NCSoft offering to acquire a US development studio!
Paragon had a much larger budget than ArenaNet. It's more about how much they were spending than how many customers play the game.
I think moving away from a subscription base also hurt the game's revenue. Especially since they made some stupid decisions as to what would be free and what would not.
I think NCSoft simply figured CoH/V doesn't have a bright future without a large investment of money and time. And since Paragon Studios seems to be a one-trick pony... :s
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